RUNNER Series - COIN Edition

4′ X 75′

Thickness, Quantity per pallet & Weight

1/8po (3mm)      : 12 rolls  : 255lb

1/4po (6mm)      : 5 rolls    : 540lb

Made of
Mix of virgin & recycled vulcanized rubber: 70% recycled



Must be handled with work equipment such as a forklift or pallet truck. Not recommended for small projects and residential applications. Sold by full roll only.


1/8'' (3mm)IN STOCK
1/4'' (6mm)IN STOCK


Our RUNNER Series is the ideal rubber roll choice for any industrial & commercial project by providing a durable, 100% non-porous, anti-slip & easy to maintain product.

Its 4'x75' format minimizes the number of joints and covers large areas.

Its vulcanized composition provides incomparable durability and a surface that withstands the most rigorous projects (resistant to snowmobiles spikes)

Easy to install without special tools, our RUNNER series can be glued using our recommended double-sided tape PRO Tape (see ACCESSORIES section). However, to benefit from all its features and to ensure material stability in the most rigorous projects, it is recommended to glue our RUNNER Series with adhesive.

*** This product is not recommended for small projects or residential applications. Must be handled with work equipment such as a pallet truck or forklift. Weight varying between 250lb and 540lb per roll.


Our RUNNER Series is ideal for:

  • The most rigorous industrial projects
  • To cover large areas
  • Protection of industrial parts during transport
  • Any application requiring a floor covering resistant to oils and chemicals.
  • Commercial trailers (resistant to snowmobile spikes)



  • Available in 2 thicknesses to suit any project
  • 4 ‘x 75’ (covers 300 sq. ft.): Ideal for large surfaces
  • Easy to install without special tools
  • Very durable and 100% non-porous
  • Easy to maintain


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