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Size – Thickness – Weight

4′ x 25′ x 2mm (5/64in) @ 50lb

4′ x 25′ x 5mm (3/16in) @ 115lb

4′ x 25′ x 7mm (9/32in) @ 145lb

4′ x 25′ x 10mm (3/8in) @ 180lb



Made of
94% recycled urethane bound rubber


Our SILENT Series is the ideal acoustic underlay to insulate - soundproof - reduce vibrations

Available in 4 strategic thicknesses (2mm - 5mm - 7mm - 10mm) to meet your needs and meet building standards in terms of insulation & soundproofing. Made of recycled rubber, our SILENT Series can be used under hard flooring when superior sound control is required, achieving an HIIC rating of up to 63.

Commercial grade, our SILENT Series acoustic underlay is resistant to mold, bacteria, fungus and water. Perfect for condos, commercial buildings and even homes.

In addition to isolating, soundproofing & reducing vibrations, our SILENT Series protects ceramic tiles, paving and porcelain from cracks in the substrate: therefore reduce noise and vibrations while protecting your floor.

Our SILENT Series is ideal for:

  • Condos and multi-storey buildings
  • Houses and apartments
  • Commercial buildings


  • Insulate – soundproof – reduce vibrations
  • Available in 3 thicknesses to adapt to your type of project
  • Rolls of different thickness in 4’x25′ (100p2) facilitating handling and offering a minimum of joints
  • Easy to install without special tools
  • Can be double-sided taped at the seams easily with our PRO Tape (see our accessories section)

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