PRO Series

4′ X 25′

Thickness, quantity per pallet & weight

1/8in (3mm)      : 20 rolls  : 65 lb

1/4in (6mm)   : 12 rolls  : 130 lb

5/16in (8mm)    : 12 rolls  : 170 lb

3/8in (10mm)   : 9 rolls  : 200 lb

1/2in (12mm) :   6 rolls  : 265 lb

*Also available by the unit

Made of
100% recycled urethane bound rubber





1/8in (3mm) BLACKIN STOCK
1/4in (6mm) BLACKIN STOCK
5/16in (8mm) GREY SpeckledIN STOCK
3/8in (9mm) BLACKIN STOCK
1/2in (12mm) BLACKIN STOCK
1/2in (12mm) GREY SpeckledIN STOCK


Our PRO Series in roll sets a new standard for excellence in rubber flooring, providing the perfect combination of features for any project.

A single product, a myriad of benefits:
Elasticity - shock absorption - sound absorption - insulation - resistance to cleats and skate blades - a secure surface thanks to its traction.

Designed with careful consideration for durability and aesthetics, it is available in a variety of speckled colors, seamlessly blending with any decor.

Beyond its outstanding performance, our PRO Series is also an odor-free solution, making it ideal for both residential and commercial training spaces.

Distinguishing itself as the most affordable rubber flooring roll on the market, our PRO Series comes in an ideal size of 4'x25', facilitating handling and minimizing joints for easy installation without the need for special tools.

Offered in a range of thicknesses from 1/8 inch (3 mm) to 1/2 inch (12 mm), our product adapts to any type of projects, whether for a home exercise room or sports centers like CrossFit facilities and Olympic bar drop areas.

Easy to install without special tools, our PRO series can be adhered using our recommended PRO Tape double-sided tape or our PRO-S Adhesive (see the ACCESSORIES section).

Choose excellence with our PRO Series, the optimal solution for a floor that combines performance, aesthetics, and cost-effectiveness.

Our PRO Series is ideal for:

  • Commercial & Home gyms
  • Yoga centers
  • Playing & Trainning areas
  • Changing rooms & Corridors
  • Arenas & Ski resorts
  • Any application requiring a quality, durable, aesthetic and anti-slip floor covering


  • Available in several thicknesses to adapt to any project
  • Odorless
  • 4′ x 25′ rolls minimize seams and ease installation
  • Easy to install without special tools
  • Anti-slip event when wet
  • Can be double-sided taped at the seams easily with our PRO Tape or our PRO-S Adhesive (see our accessories section)

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