PRO Series

2′ X 2′ / 25in x 25in (to outside edge of tabs)

1/4in   (6mm)
5/16in (8mm) : MOQ
3/8in (9mm)

4 sq. ft. when installed

5 lb | 7 lb | 9 lb

Made of
100% recycled urethane bound rubber



Quantity per pallet
1/4in   (6mm) = 250 tiles
5/16in (8mm) = 200 tiles (minimum 1200 tiles)
3/8in (9mm) = 200 tiles

*Also available by the unit


1/4in (6mm) GREY SpeckledIN STOCK
3/8in (9mm) GREY SpeckledIN STOCK
3/8in (9mm) GREY & BLUE SpeckledIN STOCK


Our PRO Series interlocking tile redefines rubber flooring excellence, offering a perfect combination of features for any project.

One product, numerous benefits:
Elasticity - shock absorption - sound absorption - insulation - resistance to cleats and skate blades - a safe surface with excellent traction.

Designed with a keen focus on durability and aesthetics, it comes in various speckled color options that seamlessly integrate with any decor.

Beyond its outstanding performance, our PRO Series is also an odor-free solution, making it ideal for both residential and commercial training rooms.

Available in thicknesses ranging from 1/4 inch (6 mm) to 3/8 inch (9 mm), our product adapts to a wide range of projects, whether it's for a home gym or large-scale sports training facilities.

Our PRO Series stands out as the most affordable rubber tile flooring on the market.
Its unique 25'' x 25'' format provides a coverage of 4 sq ft once installed.

Its clever puzzle-like design (interlock) ensures an easy installation process that can be assembled in minutes.
It offers a uniform appearance, making joints practically invisible - a sign of quality!

Made flat, our PRO Series tile flooring does not curl or warp.

Choose excellence with our PRO Tile Series, the optimal solution for a floor that combines performance, aesthetics, and cost-effectiveness.


  • 1/4in (6mm) are mainly suitable for residential installations (such as trainning spaces, workshops, basement floor covering, etc.)

  • 5/16in (8mm) are mainly suitable for residential & commercial installations from low to medium traffic (such as home & commercial gyms, showrooms, ski centres, antifatigue mat, etc.)
    Minimum order quantity for this thickness: 1200 tiles (4800sq.ft.)

  • 3/8in (9mm) are mainly suitable for commercial applications with high traffic (such as commercial gyms (also in weight drop zone), sport centers, arenas, ski centres, antifatigue mats, etc.)

*To know how many tiles are needed for your project, divide the area in sq. ft. by 4

Our PRO Series is ideal for:

  • Residential & Commercial Gyms
  • Yoga centers
  • Training & playing areas
  • Workshops & Retails stores
  • Arenas & Ski resorts
  • Any application requiring a quality, durable, aesthetic and anti-slip floor covering


  • Odorless
  • Seams are almost invisible (one uniform surface effect)
  • Choice of color & thickness
  • Very easy to install without any special tools
  • No tape or adhesive required

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