PRO Series

2′ X 2′ / 25in x 25in (to outside edge of tabs)

1/4in   (6mm)
5/16in (8mm) : MOQ
3/8in (9mm)

4 sq. ft. when installed

5 lb | 7 lb | 9 lb

Made of
100% recycled urethane bound rubber



Quantity per pallet
1/4in   (6mm) = 250 tiles
5/16in (8mm) = 200 tiles (minimum 1200 tiles)
3/8in (9mm) = 200 tiles

*Also available by the unit


1/4in (6mm) GREY SpeckledIN STOCK
3/8in (9mm) GREY SpeckledIN STOCK
3/8in (9mm) GREY & BLUE SpeckledIN STOCK


Our PRO Series tile is the easiest rubber flooring to install suitable for both residential and commercial applications.
Perfect for covering all interior and exterior surfaces to make them safe and comfortable.

Our PRO Series is odorless and resistant to cleats, skate blades, training weights and heavy exercise equipment.

Its ingenious puzzle-style design (interlock) offers an easy installation process that can be installed in minutes. It provides a uniform appearance that makes joints virtually invisible - sign of quality!

Made flat, our PRO Series tile flooring does not curl or bubble.

Available in black or with speckled color to suit any decor.
Can be install directly on wood, concrete and ceramic.



  • 1/4in (6mm) are mainly suitable for residential installations (such as trainning spaces, workshops, basement floor covering, etc.)

  • 5/16in (8mm) are mainly suitable for residential & commercial installations from low to medium traffic (such as home & commercial gyms, showrooms, ski centres, antifatigue mat, etc.)
    Minimum order quantity for this thickness: 1200 tiles (4800sq.ft.)

  • 3/8in (9mm) are mainly suitable for commercial applications with high traffic (such as commercial gyms (also in weight drop zone), sport centers, arenas, ski centres, antifatigue mats, etc.)

*To know how many tiles are needed for your project, divide the area in sq. ft. by 4

Our PRO Series is ideal for:

  • Residential & Commercial Gyms
  • Yoga centers
  • Training & playing areas
  • Workshops & Retails stores
  • Arenas & Ski resorts
  • Any application requiring a quality, durable, aesthetic and anti-slip floor covering


  • Odorless
  • Seams are almost invisible (one uniform surface effect)
  • Choice of color & thickness
  • Very easy to install without any special tools
  • No tape or adhesive required

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