In stock

46 in x 69 in / *4′ x 6′

Type of cut
Interlock (puzzle cut)

19 mm / ¾ in

88 lb (40 kg)

Made of
100% recycled vulcanized rubber

22 sq. ft. (2,04 m²)

Quantity per pallet


3mm (1/8 in) deep vertical grooves


Our HONEYCOMB cow mats T134-I are designed to provide all farm animals with a cleaner, more sanitary environment.  Our cow mats prevent calves from getting hurt when they fall on the ground in the barn. The insulating properties of our cow mats also cut away cold and humidity from concrete floors to help safeguard animals against rheumatism and fatigue.

The specially-designed density and hardness of our HONEYCOMB dairy cow mats provide orthopedic support that reduces potential joint deterioration caused by standing on hard and slippery floors.  Our dairy cow mats also protect concrete stables, while reducing ambient impact noises caused by the movement of animals and machinery.

Our HONEYCOMB dairy cow mats are easy to clean and resistant to the acid-based chemicals used to eliminate bacterial and fight infections

It's INTERLOCK DESIGN let you join multiple mats together to cover a large surface with no open seams.

Using our HONEYCOMB cow mats in stables and barns helps give cows better and longer resting periods, which can increase the quantity of milk produced! Nowadays, installing cow mats in your stables, in stalls or/and in alleys, is a critical part of your farm production equipment investment.


Safe and comfortable
– Shock absorbent
– Reduces noise from heavy falling objects
– Non-slip surface

Easy to clean
– Waterproof, non-porous surface
– Antimicrobial
– Mildew resistant



– Abrasion resistant
– Does not deteriorate
– Interior or exterior


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