KIT 10x10

10′ x 10′ (Real: 9ft 7in X 9ft 9in)

Type of cut
Interlock in center (puzzle cut) & straight cut at perimeter

19 mm / ¾ in

204 kg (450 lb)

Made of
100% recycled vulcanized rubber

Kit include
5 rubber mats to assemble (see plan above)

Quantity per pallet
5 kit = 25 mats

Diamond plate

6mm (1/4 in) deep diagonal grooves


Our HORSE STALL KIT 10x10 (real 9ft 7in x 9ft 9in) is ideal for your horse stalls. It is made from our ERGOBRIDGE EQUINE MAT (T134-BR) which provides a comfort perfectly adapted to the very structure of your horse.

Our horse stall kit 10x10 includes a total of 5 interlock mats on the inside and straight edges cut on the perimeter.

No need to cut or glue the carpets, all the work is done. Just install the mats according to the plan in link above

Safe and comfortable
– Shock absorbent
– Reduces noise from heavy falling objects
– Non-slip surface

Easy to clean
– Waterproof, non-porous surface
– Antimicrobial
– Mildew resistant



– Abrasion resistant
– Does not deteriorate
– Interior or exterior

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