2′ X 2′ / 24in x 24in


4 sq. ft. when installed

18 lb

Factory embossed & molded bottom base.
Topped with a wear layer for design and color.

88% recycled content


Waffle bottom

Quantity per pallet
120 tiles
*Also available by the unit


1'' (25mm) GREY SpeckledSPECIAL ORDER
1'' (25mm) Other colors - MOQ'sIN STOCK
1'' (25mm) BLACKIN STOCK


Gym floors today need to withstand heavy traffic, protect against falling weights and heavy equipment, protect athletes and be easy to maintain.

The MGR Tile does that and more!

By design, the MGR Tile provides a safer and easier to use athletic training surface for joints and muscles and helps eliminate tripping hazards.

MGR Tile is recommended for all commercial and residential applications requiring superior and continuous shock absorption.

It is perfect for CrossFit | Olympic style weightlifting | free weights | Condo Gyms | cardio training zones | weight rooms at all levels - high school, college and professional.

*To know how many tiles are needed for your project, divide the area in sq. ft. by 4


Each 2' x 2' x 1" MGR Tile consists of:

1 - A lower base embossed & molded in the factory in order to resist the most robust shocks.
The molded bottom allows for both natural shock absorption and acoustic benefits.
In cardio spaces, cables can easily be safely routed and hidden under the tile thanks to the channels

2 - An exclusive inner layer designed for stability and durability.

3 - A dense wear layer for design and color.
This layer allows for easy maintenance and keeps the design attractive for years to come.
It is wear and scratch resistant.

*To know how many tiles are needed for your project, divide the area in sq. ft. by 4

Our MGR-Tile is ideal for:

  • CrossFit & Olympic style lifting
  • Free weights, cardio and functional training areas,
  • High school, collegiate, and professional gyms
  • Any heavy training areas
  • Any application requiring a quality, durable, aesthetic and anti-slip floor covering


  • Odorless
  • Easy to install without any special tools
  • Can be glued or simply installed with invisible fasteners
  • Choice of colors
  • Easy to install without special tools
  • 10 year warranty
  • Waffle underside provides excellent shock and impact absorption, drainage and cable routing
  • Suitable for high impact activities
  • Non-slip, wet or dry
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Superior shock and sound absorption
  • Resistance to wear and scratches

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