PRO Series

4′ X 25′

Thickness, quantity per pallet & weight

1/8in (3mm)      : 20 rolls  : 65 lb

1/4in (6mm)   : 12 rolls  : 127 lb

5/16in (8mm)    : 12 rolls  : 160 lb

3/8in (9mm)   : 10 rolls  : 192 lb

1/2in (12mm) :   6 rolls  : 255 lb

*Also available by the unit

Made of
100% recycled urethane bound rubber





1/8in (3mm) BLACKIN STOCK
1/4in (6mm) BLACKIN STOCK
5/16in (8mm) GREY SpeckledIN STOCK
5/16in (8mm) GREY + BLUE SpeckledIN STOCK
3/8in (9mm) BLACKIN STOCK
1/2in (12mm) BLACKIN STOCK
1/2in (12mm) GREY SpeckledIN STOCK


Our PRO Series rubber roll is the ideal surface for any project by providing a comfortable & durable surface.
It offers in a single product: elasticity, sound absorption, resistance to crampons and skate blades, traction and cushioning.

This series is offered in several choices of colors to suit any project.
Easy to install without special tools, our PRO series can be secured at the seams using our recommended double-sided tape PRO Tape in 3'' x 164'  or with our recommended adhesive MGR-Glue 2.0 (see ACCESSORIES section).

Its ideal 4'x25' format allows easy handling and minimal joints.

Odorless, it is ideal for gymnasiums (residential and commercial), locker rooms, corridors or any place requiring a durable and aesthetic commercial grade rubber flooring.

Our PRO Series recycled rubber rolls have one of the best absorption for thickness ratio on the market due to their superior cushioning provided by the urethane bound conception

Our PRO Series is ideal for:

  • Commercial & Home gyms
  • Yoga centers
  • Playing & Trainning areas
  • Changing rooms & Corridors
  • Arenas & Ski resorts
  • Any application requiring a quality, durable, aesthetic and anti-slip floor covering


  • Available in several thicknesses to adapt to any project
  • Odorless
  • 4′ x 25′ rolls minimize seams and ease installation
  • Easy to install without special tools
  • Anti-slip event when wet
  • Can be double-sided taped at the seams easily with our PRO Tape or our MGR-Glue 2.0 (see our accessories section)

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